Application for an MD Fellowship

The entire application, including the project proposal, should be written in English by the applicant personally. We strongly recommend consultation with the scientific supervisor.

Your application must reach the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds at least three months before the planned change of location and proposed uptake of the MD fellowship. The form of the presentation should be adequate, but simple. Please do not staple, tack or bind documents.

Please submit two paper copies of your application (preferably double-sided), which include the data and documents listed under (A) to (J). In addition, we need a PDF file (e.g. as an e-mail attachment) containing the title and summary of your research project. You can facilitate the decision-making process by adhering to the following sequence.

A. Personal details

  1. Last (family) name
  2. First name(s)
  3. Title
  4. Gender
  5. Nationality
  6. Age, date and place of birth
  7. Marital status, number of children
  8. Private address and telephone number(s)
  9. Current work address (university, institute, laboratory, supervisor, telephone)
  10. E-mail address(es) for contact

B. Your scientific education

  1. University entrance qualification or high school-leaving exam, e.g. “Abitur”, A-levels (place, date, mark)
  2. University studies (universities, dates, subjects)
  3. If applicable: practical trainings, laboratory visits, holiday courses, clinical traineeships, etc. (places, dates, subjects, methods, supervisors)
  4. Intermediate and final examinations (universities, dates, marks)
  5. If applicable: MD thesis


C. Honours and awards

  1. Fellowships (funding agencies, dates)
  2. Prizes (names, dates)

D. Non-scientific activities

  1. Military service or community service (dates)
  2. Maternity or paternity leaves (dates)
  3. Vocational training (dates, description)
  4. Employment (dates, description)
  5. Others

E. Information about your research project

  1. Title of your research project
  2. Future work address (university, institute, laboratory)
  3. Scientific supervisor(s) at the host institute
  4. Scientific supervisor at your home university in Germany (name and address)
  5. Commencement and anticipated end of your research project
  6. Proposed commencement of the MD fellowship
  7. Requested duration of the MD fellowship

F. Project proposal

Please be aware that the project proposal is a centrepiece for the evaluation and that MD fellowships are coupled to the project applied for.

  1. Title of your research project
  2. Summary of the research project
  3. Detailed presentation of the project:
    • Introduction, current status of research, and formulation of the problem
    • Your own groundwork (if you have already generated experimental data for your thesis project)
    • Objectives, approaches and methods of investigation (about 3-4 pages)
    • Work schedule showing the anticipated duration of the entire project (at least ten months) and the individual steps
    • Bibliography

G. References

Please list up to five articles (excluding review articles and manuscripts submitted or in preparation) that were published within the last five years by:

  1. Your scientific supervisor at the host institute
  2. Your scientific supervisor in Germany

H. Financial circumstances

  1. Applications submitted to other funding institutions
  2. Your present net income per month

I. Information source

Please explain how you first became aware of our MD fellowship programme; e.g. personal recommendation (by whom?), articles (where?), internet (which websites?), other sources (please name, if applicable)

J. Additional documents to accompany your application

  1. Letter of motivation stating your reasons for chosing the experimental research project and host laboratory, for your academic career so far and your future plans
  2. Certificates of the first section of the medical examination (“Erster Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung”) and subsequent study achievements (photocopies suffice)
  3. Certificate of university entrance qualification or high school-leaving exam (“Abiturzeugnis”) (photocopies suffice)
  4. Letter of recommendation and of acceptance from your scientific supervisor at the host institute (please state if the recommendation is not included in your application and will be submitted separately)
  5. Letter of recommendation from your supervisor at your home university (please state if the recommendation is not included in your application and will be submitted separately)
  6. Official confirmation that you will interrupt your studies and clinical activities for the duration of the fellowship. This confirmation should be issued by either the office of matriculation (“Immatrikulationsamt”) or the dean of your faculty (“Studiendekan”).
  7. Signed data consent form (download consent form)

Please ensure that additional documents 2 to 6 have official letterheads and signatures.

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