Volume 31 (2) 2016

Please click for download of the Futura 2_2016 (2 MB file size)

This issue includes:

  • Supermodels of biological research (by Mitch Leslie)
  • 20 PhD new projects and 8 PhD result summaries
  • BIF's Who-is-who questionaire by Süleyman Tangüler
  • A whale of a good time - impressions from the 2016 Woods Hole Seminar
  • Papers in the Spotlight by Julia Behnke, Marcus Kahnke and Andreas Puschnik
  • Balzan Prize for BIF's Board of Trustee member Reinhard Jahn
  • Our BIF fellows guide to Stanford
  • Heinrich Wieland Prize for Peter Schultz
  • As well as news from the BIF network

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