Volume 33 (2) 2018

Please click for download of the Futura (33) 2_2018 (3 MB file size)

This issue includes:

  • The heat is on - how organisms adapt to heat and temperature changes
  • Profiels of mice and rats as model organisms
  • 5 results of PhD projects (the print version also introduces 21 new PhD projects)
  • Papers in the spotlight: Heike Rampelt, Florian Wollweber and Maria Bohnert; Anne Eichmann sowie Rugile Stanyte
  • 12th North America meeting in Woods Hole - with sketches by Oliver Höller
  • MD fellowship prorgramme celebrates its 100th MD fellow, article and interviews
  • Our BIF fellow's guide to Montreal, Canada
  • As well as news from the BIF network and the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation

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